Overcome from the depths of time, the civilization of ancient Egypt fascinates all those who have undertaken to trace the slow and majestic course of its emblematic river: the Nile. Already in the times of the Greeks and Romans, the “tourists” in Egypt marveled at the traces left by a civilization that was more than two millennia old.

With his illustrious figures (Kheops, Ramses II, Nefertiti, Tutankhamun and the 250 or so pharaohs, Moses and Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Saladin, Mohammed Ali and the Mamluks, Champollion, Ferdinand de Lesseps, and his channel, Howard Carter, Nasser. ..), with its tombs and temples saved from the waters, its colossal sculptures and its columns in the shape of papyrus, its crocodiles and its sarcophagi, Egypt will live durably the imagination of all those who will furrow it.

But at the foot of the pyramids, beyond marked cruises and palaces lives an endearing people: it will mingle with the swarming souks and neighborhoods, sipping tea or smoking chicha on the terrace of a cafe, rub shoulders Among the most prestigious mosques in the Arab world, chat with people to understand and appreciate Egypt and the Egyptians.

The Bible once evoked the 10 plagues of Egypt, but the only one you will suffer will be nostalgia for a mesmerizing journey …


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Image by NadineDoerle on Pixabay-luxor

Famous for its temple, Luxor is one of the most touristic cities of Egypt with more than 4 million visitors a year. It hardly rains in Luxor, it is hot and dries almost all year round. During your holidays in Luxor in June, July, August, and September, enjoy the morning to visit the temples, avoid tourist crowds and sunsets. The months of April, May, and October, November in Luxor are milder and are the best time to visit Luxor. While the months of December, January, February, and March in Luxor are a little cooler but are a perfect opportunity to enjoy a holiday in peace.

Visit Luxor and the ancient city of Thebes

Located 700km south of Cairo, on the right bank of the mythical Nile River, in Upper Egypt, the city of Luxor attracts more than four million visitors a year. This ancient Egyptian city of Thebes is one of the jewels of the land of the pharaohs. Tourists traveling to Luxor will appreciate the treasures and historical monuments, such as the Karnak Temple. It is a holy city specially dedicated to the worship of Amon-Re. Temples dedicated to the goddess Mut and the god Khonsu rise majestically alongside that of Amon-Re. By booking a hotel in Luxor, tourists will be able to visit the different sites of the city. They will admire the architecture of the Great Temple of Amun, surrounded by an enclosure 1.5 km long and 800 m wide. One of the temple’s 10 pylons offers a splendid view of the Great Court, while the Sphinx Alley leads directly to the Karnak Temple. In the time of kings, the sacred boats loaded with offerings departed from this temple.

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Image by Barthwo on Pixabay-aswan

Some 240,000 people live in this part of the region of Egypt.

Aswan has located about 100 km from Edfu and 690 km from Cairo.

The best way to get to know Assouan and its region better is to take a tour of its wildlife parks: Aswan Dam and Kitchener’s Island are the perfect starting point. Take the opportunity to discover the biodiversity of the region or have a good time with family in the middle of an idyllic landscape.

There are many activities in Aswan; start for example with a day at Nubian Museum. Its impressive collection will give you a good overview of the history of this territory.

Among the most interesting historical places of interest in the area, you can find Obelisk unfinished but also Tomb of Nobles. What better to discover the past of the region!

With its many historical, cultural and religious sites, Aswan is a popular city for art and history lovers. Perhaps you will be tempted to explore among others the Philae Temple and Kom Ombo Temple, which are usually at the top of the tours. In addition, your cultural journey will take all its relief with a passage through the Monastery of St. Simeon and the Temple of Kalabsha.

Visit one of Aswan’s renowned memory sites, and learn more about the past of this place. Start with the Agha Khan Mausoleum, and do not miss the High Dam Monument.

If you are a fan of shopping, do not forget to explore the shops and booths of Aswan Bazaar. A visit to Aswan will delight young and old alike.


Cairo travel


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Visitors to this destination in Giza Governorate will be seduced by the reception of some 7,700,000 people who have made their home in this charming region.

This is the opportunity to have fun at Dream Park (amusement park), a great attraction that guarantees hours of fun for children and adults alike.

Aquarium Grotto Garden is home to a wide variety of aquatic specimens that glide through the water under the delightful eyes of visitors. Enjoy a great day exploring species of all kinds in their habitat.

Your break in Cairo will not be complete if you do not visit Zoo Giza and its species of all kinds. The fascinating residents of these places will fill all the family members, young and old, so book at least several hours to explore every corner of this educational and entertaining place.

At the Orman Botanical Garden, people passing through the area will be able to contemplate the collection of flowers.

Al-Azhar Park is a nice place when Mother Nature calls you. Families and groups of friends will be delighted to spend a few hours in this popular place for its pleasant atmosphere and colorful grounds.

Nothing better than a fun day at Coptic Museum or Gayer-Anderson Museum, two exhibition venues in Cairo. Thanks to their highly modern exhibitions, local history is revealed in a peaceful setting ideal for rainy days.

If you love natural history and go through Cairo, take a look at the Egyptian Museum. It’s a must-see place in the area, but Grand Musée Egyptian is another renowned museum that will appeal to parents and children alike.

If you had to choose a place to explore to discover artists and their work, the Museum of Islamic Art would be at the top of your choices.

When you are in Cairo, make a stop at its historic buildings to learn more about the events that have shaped this region. Great Sphinx of Giza and Pyramids of Giza are the most famous places of the genre. We recommend just as much Pyramid of Djoser or Pyramids of Dahshur, for the most passionate.

Take a tour of Cairo’s historic fortifications to explore the tumultuous past of the region. While Fortress of Babylon has played an important role in defending against invaders over the centuries, the place today welcomes visitors from all over the world with open arms.

If you have never seen Cairo’s palaces, prepare your bag, it’s time for you to fix it. Egyptian Presidential Palace and Palais Abdin are some of the best places in the area.


Cairo is a perfect place to push the doors of magnificent forts and castles. Citadel of Saladin and Citadel are two examples of constructions that you should put on your travel essentials.

Enjoy the typical architecture of Cairo’s largest religious buildings. Take a moment to explore Sultan Hassan’s Hanging Church and Mosque, two monuments you can not miss. In addition, your historical immersion will make sense with a detour to the Ibn Tulun Mosque and Mohammed Ali Mosque.

If you thought you saw everything in Cairo, make a detour to the League of Arab States.