Great Britain is only thirty kilometers from our coast, but already this arm of the sea takes the form of Atlantic. By landing for the first time “on the other side”, we are invariably baffled. The landscapes of England decline all the palette of the greens which cut with the white of the cliffs, the red of street furniture and the facades of brick. From the fake fire that decorates the hearths to the kind ladies who call you honey or darling, all in England deserve the qualifier quaint and cozy (“old and cozy”).

Clean lawns and sidewalks, houses and gardens pampered, in England, there is only the sky that the British have forgotten to repaint. And again, Turner did not miss it!

Let yourself be charmed by a different way of life, by the confusing British humor and the famous British phlegm that are not usurped!

In this monarchical country, the British youth has cracked – here are fifty years – the Victorian austerity and respectability that had surrounded it for more than a century, bringing together the most extravagant looks and the bowler hat.

Channel Islands Travel

Channel Islands
Image by lenalindell20 on Pixabay-Channel Islands

The Channel Islands are a miniature England and a free port very close to France. They offer a change of scenery of an island land spoiled by nature, steeped in British culture, and the sensation of walking in familiar territory, with streets with French names and a countryside that resembles the Normandy countryside.

Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm, the 5 main islands of this Channel archipelago with more than 1000 islets and reefs, each has its own temperament. Jersey and Guernsey, the two largest, are very popular, especially at weekends.

Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, offers a string of hiking trails along its cliffs, through its flowery countryside and to the fortifications and other dolmens testifying to its history.

Guernsey, a little smaller, retains the traces of the passage of Victor Hugo. The writer stayed there in exile from 1855 to 1870 and fell in love with this rustic land, which spring transforms into a bed of flowers.

Alderney, more subject to ocean rudeness, has the advantage, although it is easily accessible with its airport, to be a little less touristy.

Finally, at Sercq and Herm, time seems to have stopped. Sark, which houses the only feudal system still applied in Western Europe, is ruled by a lord. Both shouted Haro on motor vehicles; the only exception is this small tractor that will carry your luggage on arrival in Sark.

Not far from the French coast, the Channel Islands are the perfect place to forget the madness of the modern world.

London Travel

Image by 12019 on Pixabay-london

London has crossed the millennium by offering itself a makeover. Boosted by economic growth, it has offered a spectacular architectural facelift, thus affirming its role as a multicultural megalopolis.

Cosmopolitanism and tolerance, entrepreneurship, high wages and (almost) full employment attracted a new wave of immigration until the fall of 2008.

Even if the crisis and Brexit have changed the situation, London is still popular and the young Frenchies still cross the Channel to try their luck in this European Eldorado, which has become the economic and cultural capital of the Old Continent.

Integration question, London would have enough to give lessons to any contemporary society. No less than 50 nationalities rub shoulders, speaking, in all, more than 300 languages! The London mayor’s election of Sadiq Khan, a labor lawyer and the son of an immigrant bus driver from Pakistan, is the perfect symbol. But the contrasts are sometimes glaring: the unemployment rate reaches almost 15% in some neighborhoods, while it is around 5% for the national average.

At 2:15 Eurostar from the Gare du Nord, the shock is real. The French capital seems quite calm compared to London, this world-city, huge metropolis, teeming, bursting, modern, vibrant and not only English but truly cosmopolitan. With hundreds of museums and galleries, thousands of pubs and more than 10,000 restaurants, there is something for everyone!

Travel bath

bath england
Image by loseitlady on Pixabay-bath england

About 93,000 people reside in this area of the Somerset area.

Bath is approximately 13 km from Trowbridge and 160 km from London.

Escape from everyday life for a day and delight the whole family by taking them to a world of magic at The Little Theater Cinema and Bath Farm.

Take your family to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, the region’s leading zoo. The website will tell you more about the discussions and other presentations to discover in more detail the lives of the most amazing inhabitants of the zoo.

Bath is also home to Bath Botanic Gardens, a botanical park where you can relax amidst the plants.

Want to blow a little in the middle of nature? You will appreciate Bath’s many relaxing green spaces. One of the most popular green havens for nature lovers is Alice Park and Alexandra Park. Henrietta Park and Sydney Gardens are also cool parks around the corner when the sun comes out.

Want a nice day with friends? Visit some of the places of culture in the area. The beautiful setting of Jane Austen Center or Fashion Museum is sure to please you, as well as their original exhibitions. If you want more, why not try Bath Postal Museum or Building of Bath Museum?

Art buffs will love Bath for its wide variety of museums and galleries. Let yourself be guided by the original atmospheres of The Holburne Museum, Victoria Art Gallery and Museum of East Asian Art.

Visitors will discover the region’s heritage in one of Bath’s exciting history museums. If you’re on the spot for a short time, be sure to make a detour to American Museum in Britain, a place of history that will delight all curious. If you’re one of the kind to skim museums, why not try No. 1 Royal Crescent, Museum of Bath at Work or Museum of Radstock, equally interesting temples of culture.

To know a region well, it is often advisable to explore its historical sites; this is good because Bath has kept a number of them. Roman Baths and Bath Abbey are the most popular places in the area. However, Royal Crescent and Bath Assembly Rooms will also delight history buffs.

One of the most fascinating bridges, Pulteney Bridge is a construction of the past that still attracts travelers today. After reading your guide to learn more about its importance in Bath’s heritage, scan the building from every possible angle and take a picture of it.

Free yourself a moment to visit Downside Abbey and learn about the history of the place.

If you are interested in Bath’s educational institutions, you can discover the facilities of the University of Bath or University of Bath Spa and experience their student atmosphere during a stroll.

If you love fashion as much as souvenirs, discover the shops and stands at SouthGate Bath. Find out what people in the area are wearing and find one or two original souvenirs.

Experience a high-quality artistic performance in one of the bathing halls in Bath. Guests can applaud local artists at Bath’s Royal Theater and The Egg Theater. If you want to see a good show for example, head to Ustinov Theater or Bath Theater Theater.

The Bath Central Library and Chapel Arts Center will delight tourists seeking out-of-the-box sightseeing. Stadium Recreation Ground is also worth the trip.