Have you ever wondered why France is the preferred destination for tourists? This is undoubted because of the many wonders that abound the country, the atmosphere and especially for the beauty of its capital. Here are for you 8 good reasons to travel to France!

The climate in France

France enjoys all year-long mild temperatures, that is to say, neither too hot nor too cold. Its sunshine and rainfall make it a temperate climate that varies by region. Thus, in the North and West, the climate is cooler and wet while around the Mediterranean it is warmer and drier. So what to enjoy only good times in France and all seasons?

The history of France

Choosing to spend your holidays in France is also to discover the history of a whole country through its unique historical heritage. Indeed, France has many monuments and historic sites that trace its history: Clovis (first king of the Franks, around 465-511) until the present time, through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Moreover, the Mont-Saint-Michel, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Palace of Versailles … are as many impressive places waiting for you. France is not only a beautiful country, but it is also and above all a country full of history. Go admire, learn and testify!

Its impressive regions and beautiful landscapes

There is apparently no city in France that is not worth the detour. And as everywhere, each region has its particularities. Indeed, you can observe in the North of France great plains and sumptuous valleys. The wild coast of Brittany, the Ile de France, vineyards of Burgundy, the Loire Valley and its magnificent royal castles are all unique landscapes and regions that make the size and beauty of France. And it’s not over! In the south of the country, you can observe the relief of Auvergne volcanoes, the Pitou-Charentes countryside, the ancient civilization of the Rhone valley, the snowy peaks of Savoy, the Midi-Pyrenees region renowned for its huge valleys and castles etc. In short, you will only have your eyes to contemplate! So the list is long …

French cultural heritage

You may not know it, but France has no less than 35 UNESCO heritage sites. It also has sumptuous castles and mansions, museums and ecomuseums, public and religious buildings, parks and gardens … that only add value to the richness of this historic country. France has so many cultural treasures that, whatever your destination, you will always have something to discover. Cool, no?

French gastronomy

You’re waiting for her, she’s here! Indeed, France has gastronomy unique in the world. Throughout French territory, you can taste a variety of alluring dishes. French gastronomy is one of the few in the world to be inscribed on UNESCO’s intangible heritage. Imagine what awaits you if your next travel destination is France. Prepare your mouth and your stomach to savor the delicious dishes that you reserve France and its gastronomy. Bon appétit by anticipation!

It’s capital

Can we go to France without taking a tour on the other side of the capital? It would certainly leave a taste of unfinished. Renowned for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world – if not the most beautiful – Paris has everything to seduce: its charm, its unlimited attractions, etc. Called the city of lights, Paris is a marvel. It is not only the artistic capital, cultural, fashion, and luxury, but above all a real well of wealth in perpetual vibration. The Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées, the Grande Arche de la Défense, the Arc de Triomphe, etc. are all tourist riches of beauty that make Paris, the French capital, shine. Discover here the ten most extraordinary monuments of the city of Paris! Yes, beauty is France, it’s Paris! The French capital and its wonders await you.

Beaches and seaside resorts

France has over 5500 km of coastline, including nearly 40% of sandy beaches. It also has more than 200 seaside resorts with very different beaches varying from one region to another. What will seduce you, even more, is in the South. Indeed, the Côte d’Azur and its sandy beaches have an indescribable seductive power. In addition, the beaches of the Mediterranean will not fail to make you enthralled. In the Atlantic, you can observe the Landes and Basque coast with its waves that are worthy of a paradise life. From the side of the Silver Coast to the Charentais coast, yachting and other recreational activities are welcome. If you are more of those who love wild nature, do not worry, because the Breton coast is waiting for you very impatiently.

And for his mountain

The French Mountain has everything to fill your desires to escape. And this in summer as in winter. The grandeur of its landscapes, the purity of the wind that blows its 5 massifs, its 23 ski areas through its healing … nothing will leave you indifferent. It is an ideal hideaway for various activities, a variety of pleasures and emotions, etc. Then choose between hiking, mountain biking, winter sports … to rejuvenate according to your desires!