Like its capital, Mexico is a country bubbling, multiple and fascinating. A mythical land, which evokes the pre-Hispanic world, adventure, revolution, happy and colorful festivals. Many civilizations have been successful in the study of the origins of the Olmecs the science of the Maya, the sportsmanship of the Toltecs or the military organization of the Aztecs.

Next to the major archaeological sites are sumptuous beaches, nostalgic colonial towns of faded grandeur, breathtaking landscapes, arid deserts in northern Mexico, tropical rainforests in the south. And everywhere pulsating music, that of mixed people – Indian and Spanish – which summarizes the contradictions of Latin America.

Mexico is violated by deep inequalities, but also firmly rooted in globalization and rich in its diversity, its cultures, which have their roots in the pre-Colombian world.

Aztec divinities and the Internet join together, traditional Feast of the Dead and Halloween.

Cacheau’s dive in Captain Cousteau’s footsteps on the reefs of Cozumel, discover the tomb of Pacal, the Mayan king of Palenque, stroll through the village and explore the cenotes (natural wells) crystalline of Yucatan.

Mexico Travel

mexico city

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Mexico City, the Mexican capital, is an essential introduction to the understanding of the country. Because if Mexico is surreal, Mexico is the quintessence! The city gathers all the excesses. By its excessiveness already, with 50 km from north to south and 30 km from east to west (as the crow flies) … it is in the top ten of the most populated cities in the world.

The sprawling city, plural city, incredible city … Mexico plays its superlatives as a supplement of soul. Established at over 2,200 m altitude, CDMX (for Ciudad de Mexico) is enough to make you dizzy. Here, you have to learn how to travel sardines-in-a-box in the subway or on the bus, take patience in traffic jams, walk the streets and oversized squares …

Despite endemic pollution and some security problems in some outlying areas, Mexico City does not lack charm. Classified by Unesco, its historic heart (around the Zócalo) will delight backpackers, lovers of culture and history, with its museums, its old leaning churches, and its sometimes baroque, sometimes neoclassical or pseudo-colonial buildings.

Revelers and epicureans, they will find their happiness in the south-west districts: Condesa, La Roma, La Zona Rosa, where abound bars, restaurants, and boxes; lovers of art and beautiful things will grow as far as Polanco, a chic neighborhood with its wide avenues and luxury shopping malls, topped with tall glass towers.

Not to mention the ancient villages that Mexico City was soon to take under his belt and that are now so many centers of alternative culture: San Rafael, La Santa María La Ribera, Coyoacán, San Ángel …

Mexico City is a city in perpetual excitement, a city teeming with life and a true capital of America … Latin!

 Cancun Travel


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Located in the northeast of the Yutacan Peninsula, Cancún is a destination par excellence for a trip to Mexico under the sign of change of scenery. This charming city enjoys a privileged location in southeastern Mexico, bathed by the Caribbean Sea. Prioritize visiting the Mayan sites during your stay in Cancún. If you are passionate about archeology, do not miss the famous archaeological site of Chichen Itza, located on the west of the island. Visit also the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Mexican Folk Art with notable treasures of ancient civilizations gone missing. Make a detour to the city center, then to the beautiful peninsula Isla Cancún known for its extraordinary beaches. Your 2014 summer vacation in Cancún will not be complete without visiting Mayan sites such as San Miguel, Pinturas, El Rey, El Meco, Pok-ta-Pok, Yamilum, and El Conchero. Spend a day exploring Nichupté Lagoon and then Plaza de Torros.

A wide choice of beaches awaits you during your stay in Cancún. In Bahia Mujeres, relax on the playa linda with calm and transparent waters. If you prefer more turbulent waters, head to Playa Ballenas, perfect for water sports. Live a special experience by bathing in the “cenotes” which are galleries of cavities filled with fresh water, dug in the ground. In the surrounding area you can swim with the dolphins at the Xel-Ha Marine Nature Park. You can also go on a Zipline trip in the jungle, organized by tourism professionals.


Chichen Itza – Valladolid Travel


Image by 680451 on Pixabay-Chichen Itza – Valladolid

Chichen Itza – Valladolid is approximately 1,150 km from Mexico City and 35 km from Chichen Itza.

Want to relax between visits? You will find a few pleasant parks in the area. Visitors’ favorite parks include Cenote Xkeken and Cenote X’Canch. Cenote Zaci and Park Francisco Cantón Rosado are also pleasant places to relax.

The best way to discover Chichen Itza – Valladolid and its region is to start with its natural reserves: Cenote Ik Kil and El Caracol Observatory are, among others, not to be missed. You will be sure to find your happiness between beautiful surroundings and calm and serenity with your family.

If there was only one place to see to discover artists and their works, Casa de los Venados Private Art Collection would be at the top of your choice.

Chichen Itza – Valladolid boasts a wide variety of historical sites to visit. Chichen Itza and Ek Balam (Mayan archaeological site) are the most famous sites of the region. However, the Pyramid of Kukulkan and Temple with a thousand columns are also worth seeing.

Chichen Itza – Valladolid is a popular destination for its magnificent spiritual and religious buildings. Among them, San Bernardino Convent of Siena and Cathedral of San Gervasio are tops in the list of tourist visits.

Cathedral Los Santos Reyes is a place of memory that allows travelers and locals to think of times past.

Shopping is yours on a trip to the Chocolate Factory. Whatever your desire, an afternoon in Chichen Itza – Valladolid will no doubt delight you.


Tulum Travel


Image by AnonymousTraveller on Pixabay-Tulum

Tulum, or “fortress” in Mayan, is a small town in Mexico, founded in the post-classical era. It is the only city built on the seaside by the Mayan people. It has many monuments that deserve a visit during a trip to Tulum. Tourists discover the ancient Mayan temple, an architectural treasure on a 12m cliff dedicated to the Maya Diver. Perfectly preserved, it reflects the rich pre-Columbian past. Its thick wall allows archaeologists to deduce that this ancient Mayan temple also played the role of defense. Walking in the city allows to discover many remarkable monuments. Holidaymakers can visit the Fresco Temple, Il Castillo, Casa de las Columnas, Casa del cenote, Casa del Halach Uinik and Kukulcan. Other temples like Coba and Chichen Itza are worth seeing.

In Tulum, nature lovers appreciate the lush landscape. The beautiful beach at Castillo is accessible by a staircase. Its turquoise water and beautiful lagoons attract vacationers who dive with delight in the Caribbean Sea. They appreciate the temperature, around 40 ° C in summer. They enjoy the clear sea after exploring the Mayan ruins. The calm atmosphere of this destination and its surroundings in search of relaxation. This small town preserves this peaceful atmosphere. Couples on a honeymoon admire the sunset of the cliff. The colors are reflected throughout the valley. Hotels in Tulum, bars, and clubs offer various activities to discover the city.