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Senegal probably does not offer the most sumptuous landscapes of Africa, but it has unforgettable sites that will bring you a total change of scenery. Its national parks, like that of Djoudj, north of Saint-Louis, rich in birds of all kinds or that of the Saloum delta, with its islands, not to mention the Casamance region still too unknown to the general public, where the you get lost with delights in a network of bolongs, in the mangrove, have everything to seduce the traveler. And for those who do not want to tire too much, its pleasant beaches, lined with lush and varied vegetation, are already a beautiful promise of a holiday exotic.

One of the assets that makes this country particularly endearing is its lively, communicative and welcoming population.

If the colonial period has left undeniable traces in Senegal such as the French language, speaking the same language does not necessarily mean the same language. After more than 50 years of independence, mentalities in Senegal reflect internal economic concerns, a perception of the world, an observation of Western attitudes via tourism, compliance with the rules required by tradition and, finally, the strengthening of Islam.

The spirit in which we will visit Senegal will be particularly important: the daily can bring a lot of adventures which will be, according to the opening or the philosophy of each, funny or irritating. Why not adopt Senegal’s extraordinary sense of humor, self-deprecating and mischievous?


Dakar Travel


Image by Emerre on Pixabay-dakar

Located on the western tip of the African continent, Dakar, the capital of Senegal is a crossroads between Africa and the West, which is nowadays the center of political, economic and cultural rally of Africa. Where is. Dakar is a dynamic city (also bottled), a little symbol of “Africa on the move”, where most of the skills and wealth of the country are concentrated, as well as a great poverty.

Dakar has the appearance of a city in full swing, with bouquets of buildings under construction and major works of Cape Verde.

Only popular neighborhoods like Medina, Yoff or Patte d’Oie reflect a certain authenticity … while the historical district of the Plateau, in the city center, presents the old-fashioned charm of its colonial buildings.

Do not miss the visit to the island of Goree, full of charm and where reigns a sweetness of life that contrasts sharply with the bustle of Dakar. A small stay on the spot is also necessary for who wants to understand the Africa of today, its challenges and its stakes, its galloping demography, its race with the money, its contradictions between modern development and village traditions.


Saly Travel


Image by MariamS on Pixabay-Saly

On the Petite-Côte, South of Dakar, Saly is a beautiful seaside resort near to train Portuguese trading post. Its paradisiac beaches are an excellent reason to go on holiday to Saly. But the interest of this station does not stop at its seaside: its tourist infrastructures are impressive. Even during the holidays, it is relatively easy to find a hotel in Saly among the luxurious establishments located along the beach. The hotel chains in the resort offers different activities to all members of the family. The numerous seaside restaurants are sure to attract the attention of holidaymakers in search of new flavors.

For many travelers, the beautiful beaches are the main reason to go on holiday to Saly. For others, the interest of the resort lies in its beautiful green spaces. To fully enjoy this stay in this heavenly place, it is interesting to go through the old Portuguese counter, to learn its history. M’Bour is the city to discover in Saly, especially for big game fishing enthusiasts. Bandia is the first private reserve in Senegal. It covers 1,200 ha and is home to a variety of impressive animals, such as antelopes, crocodiles, warthogs, buffaloes and various species of monkeys. The seaside resort of Somone and the lagoon of Mbodiène are essential during a trip to Saly. Unlike other Senegalese cities, Saly does not have a historical monument. However, do not miss the beautiful Church of Our Lady of Deliverance, Popenguine.