Tanzania, on a territory even bigger than Kenya (almost twice France), offers immense savannas punctuated by acacias and baobas, mountains and volcanoes sprouting from the entrails of the Earth, great lakes (Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria), wild and free animals (some still threatened, such as rhinos and elephants), herds by the thousands (by the millions in the case of wildebeest).

Like a trip into space, a safari in Tanzania is a strange flight in time, an unforgettable foray into the animal world.

The parks are less numerous in Tanzania than in Kenya but are more extensive and give an impression of infinite space: the animals are born there, grow and reproduce as in a kingdom where the visitor is only a host of passage.And what about Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa?

Zanzibar Travel


Image by koseb on Pixabay-zanzibar

Travel to Zanzibar. A trip I had been dreaming for quite some time. Zanzibar has always been in my head synonymous with escape and heavenly beaches. September 2017, it’s decided, I’m going on a trip to Zanzibar. First, stay, to visit Zanzibar but also enjoy the beaches of the Indian Ocean!

While Zanzibar is often considered a 2 or 3 day break after a safari in Tanzania, I decided to stay there for 2 weeks. I could have spent 10 days on safari and 3/4 nights in Zanzibar but I preferred to visit Zanzibar in depth and really enjoy the place! And if you are wondering what to do in Zanzibar, you will find that there is plenty to do and relax in Zanzibar for a week or even longer!

In this travel diary in Zanzibar, I would say why I consider this island (or rather an archipelago) deserves more than a stay of 3 days by the sea …

Throughout this story of my trip to Zanzibar, I also share with you some tips to visit Zanzibar and to make a successful trip.


Jozani Travel


Ryan Al Bishri-jozani

Jozani is the largest forest on the island of Zanzibar. It is home to an impressive fauna of birds, insects but also more rare animals such as the red colobus, a species of monkey found only here.

Remember that colobuses, despite their habit of visitors, are nonetheless wild animals, keep your distance! And especially do not give them food, at the risk of making them sick.

The proximity to his monkeys was striking. Being able to observe them so closely in their daily lives was really an extraordinary moment. With no wolf, it is very amusing to spot where the colobuses hide and especially the little ones that made us literally crack. Do not forget your camera to immortalize this nature experience.

Nungwi travel


camilla frederiksen-nungwi

The imposing city of Dar es Salaam is 120 km south of your destination, Nungwi.

For a beautiful moment of pleasure with your loved ones, go without further delay to Mnarani (natural aquarium).

Are you addicted to the beach? You will be happy to know that this destination offers several superb beaches. If you feel like visiting the surroundings, check out Nungwi Beach (2 km) and Kendwa Beach (3 km).

The region can boast some beautiful natural sights. Two recommended attractions in the vicinity of Nungwi: Mnemba Island (13 km) and Prison Island (45 km).

Want to discover other facets of the region? To not discover Pwani Mchangani? This very interesting site is 20 km from your destination and includes Mapenzi Beach and Kiwengwa Beach.

Zanzibar (city), the nerve center of the region, is the ideal place to be entertained during the holidays. Get on board your car and leave Nungwi, travel 50 km south and make a detour to Slave Market, Old Fort and House of Wonders. Christ Church Cathedral and Forodhani Gardens are just a few of the options that you can explore in the surrounding area.

On April 26, discover the festivities associated with this feast day: the Union Day.

It is never easy to leave places as amazing as Nungwi. A comforting thought is to promise to come back soon!

And now, it’s time to fly back! Your departure airport may be Zanzibar International Airport. It is 55 km from Nungwi.