When we dream of Turkey, we imagine a narghile smoked nonchalantly watching the blue sea, bazaars full of carpets and smells, glittering brass and jewelery, still wild coves bathed in crystal clear water, steppes half arid on which guard snowy peaks for a long part of the year. In Turkey, the backpacker will learn that the tulip is from Anatolia and that there are many more storks there than in Alsace …

The further we deviate from the beaten path, the more we love this country: Turkey is inexhaustible wealth. From the Bosphorus to Anatolia, from Lycia to the Black Sea, to Cappadocia, this country offers an incredible diversity of landscapes, cultures, and traditions.

Kindness, attention, hospitality make fun of language barriers. Go out and meet the locals. Persuaded to be Westerners, the Turks welcome you as a cousin, and there is not much to scratch to find the treasures of Ottoman hospitality.

Life, day and night, far from the turbulence at the borders, is soft to live.


Istanbul Travel


Image by Konevi on Pixabay-istanbul

A strange feeling awaits you as you contemplate the Bosphorus, the channel that runs through Istanbul and connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara. Here ends Europe and begins Asia …

It is the Orient all against the West. Istanbul sometimes remembers that it was the Byzantium of the Greeks, the Constantinople of the Eastern Roman Empire and the capital of the Ottoman Sultans. And, always, “the” city par excellence: more than a thousand years ago, the Chinese already called it the “city of cities”. As for us, has not an expression remained for design and luxury? “It’s Byzantium!”

Theater of history, Istanbul is also a real street theater where the archaic rubs shoulders with the modern. We live in a neighborhood, near a mosque, rarely in a street …

In the dark, Istanbul makes up her wrinkles and is adorned with an infinitely sweet beauty. Its hills are draped in black velvet, its thousands of lights turn into rivers of diamonds.

Antalya Travel


Image by Engin_Akyurt on Pixabay-Antalya

Located at the foot of the Bey Daglari Mountains, on the western coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the Turkish city of Antalya stands out for its authentic charm, marked by its historic districts. Tourists traveling to Antalya in 2019 will enjoy Ottoman-style houses on the site of the ancient village of Kalei├ži. Fitted with a fortified wall and limited by two large boulevards, the old town has preserved the charm of its wooden houses with white facades, characteristics of the Ottoman villages of the Mediterranean coast. From their hotel in Antalya, tourists will easily visit the different sites of the city. The tour will begin with the Clock Tower Square, from which the minaret of the Yivli Mosque rises. Remarkable for its fluted designs, this 13th century monument is the symbol of Antalya. Notable sites to discover in Antalya include the Cumanum Mosque and its minaret, built in the 14th century, and the Hadrian’s Gate. Strangely resembling the Arc de Triomphe, but in white marble, this portal was pierced in the walls of the city, in the year 130 AD. J-C. Few tourist destinations can boast, in the spring, the pleasures of skiing on the slopes of the surrounding mountains and those of the beach at the foot of these peaks. Between two activities, holidaymakers can enjoy local specialties in many restaurants.

During your family holiday in Antalya, you will discover a jewel of the Mediterranean coast located to the west of Turkey. Nicknamed “the turquoise coast”, you will find sandy beaches and azure waters that will surely please the whole family. Many hotel-club very family will be at your disposal and will allow you to live your little life while proposing a multitude of organized events. A family holiday in Antalya is the guarantee of a holiday on a coast that is very popular with holidaymakers.